The beloved servant.

There was once a king, who like King Solomon of old, was famed for his wisdom and power. This king had a favourite servant whom he trusted and loved. Whenever this servant passed through the market place the common people would give him their petitions asking for justice and favour from the king. As with all government systems, there was also an active group of highly qualified lawyers and lobbyists who were permitted to present cases to the king whenever he sat on his throne to dispense justice. The poorer petitioners simply could not afford the high fees that were demanded by these skilled professionals.

Whenever the court met for a session, the lawyers and lobbyists would line up to present their cases. The favourite servant always started at the back of the line, but he was inevitably overcome by the splendour of the king’s presence and he simply wandered forward and fell in a trance at the foot of the stairs leading to the throne. Whenever the king saw his favourite, prostrate at the foot of the throne, he would suspend his business and go down to greet his favourite. His servant was always too overcome to even reply. The king would then reach for all the petitions that his favourite carried and he would run through them: “Grant this. Yes let them have their wish. See this is done and give them sufficient funds to do it. Yes release this one straight away. Grant these people the relief they need.” etc. etc. every petition was always granted!

Then the king would return to his throne, with a heavy sigh and continue to give judgements and consider appeals. It was noted that his justice was always strict and correct and favours were rarely dispensed.

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