Can this be true?

GOD: OK Terry, what has gone wrong? You have made a good start, why not publish that controversial second paper? You have been sitting on it for over a year and it is too important to delay.
TERRY: Well that article is for the Christian Church and I feel that presenting it would be like ‘pissing in the wind’.
GOD: Hmm, perhaps you should go easy on the King James biblical English; such terms distract sensitive people who are otherwise constantly exposed to modern, blasphemous, porn ridden TV programs, movies and novels.
TERRY: Did I upset you with my language?
GOD: No, not all, we hear it all the time.
Now you have made your opening impact, let us get down to business.
TERRY: As a lad, before I started to study science, I used to imagine how it would be for you existing outside of time.
GOD: As we do.
TERRY: Yes I supposed that you could see all history spread out before you as a picture and every time you worked a miracle a whole thread of history would adjust itself to correspond to the change. That would mean that the past is constantly changing to fit the future.
GOD: Primitive thinking, but a good analogy.
TERRY: Now, after a lifetime of studying physics, I realise that modern physics supports my childish thinking.
GOD: That is correct, but even you are aware that scientists will think in a vastly different way in a thousand year (of your) time. At present they are stuck with the meaningless ‘multiverse’ theory.
TERRY: I was always puzzled by a theological debate “whether or not a person’s ultimate spiritual state was predetermined”. For me it was a non-issue as only you can have that knowledge, we cannot.
Later I found that this was exactly what the theologian (whom I won’t name) had written. He warned: “but foolish men keep trying to tear the church apart with these nonsensical debates”.
GOD: Poor old Jean, he was so misunderstood, he wrote too much, that is why I want you to keep your writing short and sweet.
TERRY: Yes it was such divisive foolishness like that, that lead to me to mistrust men who love to parade around calling themselves theologians and provoking fluffy arguments. (Note: I am not describing all theologians.)
GOD: A little bit like the biblical Scribes, Pharisees and Lawyers eh?
TERRY: Let us cut back to the chase. Am I right into supposing that you cannot confirm to us that historical events ever really happened?
GOD: Spot on! While we have knowledge of all events you cannot be sure that your past history really happened.
All your historical stories must contain elements of creative reconstruction.
TERRY: Isn’t that statement going to upset historians?
GOD: Not a bit, they should regard their subject as you regard science; constantly open to challenge and change.
TERRY: Can we trust history?
GOD: Of course you can, good histories are based on facts and these help explain who you are and where you came from. There is no need to add the requirement that it is literally true.
TERRY: How can we be sure of crucial religious events?
Did Abraham exist?
Did the Buddha reach enlightenment?
Did Jesus rise from the dead?
Was Mohamed inspired by the Holy Spirit?
GOD: Slow down one at a time. We are not saying historical persons and events never happened. All the above four propositions are based on recorded memories and all are in fact true. But you will never be able to find a scientific proof of any of these events.
You have to use open minded spiritual enquiry, your bible describes this as faith.
TERRY: That is what all the preachers say. How do we know they are right?
GOD: If you seek us truly, we will confirm what you need to understand.
TERRY: But others will just say I am fooling and deceiving myself.
GOD: Everyone has their own story, stick to yours and adopt whatever useful details that others might suggest.
TERRY: Will I hear you through prayer and meditation?
GOD: That is the general idea. Be careful with prayer, we are not a ‘Cosmic Santa Claus’. Prayer for our blessings is essential if you are going to develop compassion. When and if, we must work miracles we are a better judge of what needs doing than the people who pray to us asking for miracles.
TERRY: Oh “Thy will be done on earth.”
GOD: Exactly.
TERRY: How about meditation?
GOD: As you now know, this is best developed by ‘practise’ rather than theory and lessons. Clearing your mind of entrenched prejudices is a necessary thing, but you should not work alone without guidance. Study the Holy texts and mix with fellow believers. Our words will come to you through these sources. Yes we will speak to you individually but it so easy to fool yourself. You must always have a firm reference point.
TERRY: Are we supposed to go to temple, church or mosque to find you?
GOD: We have just suggested that would be a good idea. But your own private understanding of spiritual matters remains important. Both the Jewish and Christian scriptures say: “The time will come when all our followers will know us, and none will need to teach the others. We will not hold their shortcomings against them.”
TERRY: Does this apply to all religions?
GOD: Well the original said just the Jews, but rest assured that it is our intention that all humans shall find us and be reconciled?
TERRY: What about unbelievers?
GOD: That will be their problem, or blessing; ‘there is no compulsion in religion’.
TERRY: Hey isn’t that in the Koran?
GOD: Of course, why not?
TERRY: One last big question?
TERRY: Did Jesus rise from the dead?
GOD: Yes, and there is a proof.
TERRY: What is that?
GOD: Ask him for yourself. His spirit is still with you, that is why the prophet gave his name as Immanu El. Are you with us?
TERRY: You betcha!

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