I'll Talk With God.

TERRY: Dear Heavenly Father, can I presume to write as though I am interviewing you directly?
GOD: Why not? Just about everyone else seems to write or speak freely for or against us.
TERRY: Yes, but I don't want to be offensive and put false words into your mouth.
GOD: Look, we do not have a mouth. Nor will a few misjudged words bother us. Why do you want to write this stuff? Do you want to be a famous preacher or Prophet?
GOD: Do you want to form a cult so that you can manipulate people? And get them to believe silly things?
GOD: Do you want to make money from your writing?
GOD: Well why bother at all? Why not just go back to your computer games?
TERRY: I suppose I want to leave an account of my religious faith that at least sounds plausible to my descendants.
GOD: Then go ahead. Be respectful and don't give us a gender. Also allow us the courtesy of using the "royal we"; as we are doing.
By the way avoid technical words like ‘transcendent’ keep your descriptions simple, fancy words will not get you or your readers any closer to what you really intend to say. Do try and get into the spirit, not the logic, of your topic.
TERRY: How will I know if I offend you?
GOD: Unlike many people, who are often too scared to speak in their defense, we will promptly let you know and correct you; provided you take the time and trouble to listen to us.
TERRY: That seems safe to me. The trouble is that other believers will accuse me of heresy or worse blasphemy.
GOD: Don’t tell us that you want to compromise your view of truth for social convenience. This foolish coercion has been going on for centuries and it is time it stopped.

TERRY: As this is an interview, what do you want to say about yourself?
GOD: Your question is much like Moses asking to see or meet us face to face.
TERRY: Is it really that unreasonable?
GOD: Can a frog go to university and get a PhD?
TERRY: Umm …. Oh I think I see what you are getting at. I simply do not have the physical or intellectual capacity to understand you.
GOD: We exist in all space and time, while we are also independent of space and time. We are life!
TERRY: Right then, did you create the universe?
GOD: Not the way you think. Sufficient to say, we are in the universe.
TERRY: Well how did it all start?
GOD: That is not a sensible question, if we exist outside of time, then we have no beginning.
TERRY: So you exist outside of time then?
GOD: No, don’t think like a frog, your brain operates in a time sequence that helps you construct the concept of time so that you can cope with your world. We exist despite what illusions you may or may not create.
TERRY: Yes, but what is the point of your being so hidden?
GOD: We are not hidden, we are right here beside you. You need to suspend your physical illusions to find us. We are not something to be seen with the eyes.
TERRY: Oh so that theologian, whom I won’t name, was right when he started his lengthy treatise by claiming that humans have an awareness of themselves and an awareness of You.
GOD: Yes, that is a good start to any theology.

TERRY: Aren’t you supposed to be a God of love?
GOD: That English word “Love” is so overused you shouldn’t use it. Rather you should say we are a ‘god of compassion’. That is we are in you and live with you and know all your thoughts and feelings.
TERRY: Compassion is closer to the word Buddhists use, only they don’t believe in you.
GOD: So what? Buddhists use compassionate feelings not wordy definitions to find us; many Buddhists are very close to us.
TERRY: Doesn’t your Bible say “The fool hath said in his heart, [There is] no God.”?
GOD: Yes fortunately the translators used the word ‘heart’ rather than modern term ‘mind’. The original text was closer to “The fool denies his feelings and rejects God.”
But why do you say our Bible?
TERRY: Well didn’t you write it or at least inspire it.
GOD: As humans sought us with desperate passion we encouraged them to share their ‘godly’ ideas with others; first through oral transmission and then later these ideas were written down. Even you are well aware that holy books should never be used as textbooks; just a source of inspirational ideas.
We object to the idea that we dictated a comprehensive text. We are not happy with the human habit of using inspired texts in an idolatrous fashion. Nor should these texts be used as legal documents.
TERRY: But aren’t we Christians supposed to consider the Bible as our sole source of inspiration?
GOD: Quite wrong; whoever told you that?
TERRY: Well I have been brought up to believe this.
GOD: No harm in trusting to your tradition, or you might say memes? At least you are intelligent enough not to use that circular fallacy that the Bible is true because it says so.
TERRY: Are you suggesting that all religions are true?
GOD: We would say that all the religions we inspire have considerable amounts of spiritual truth. The other components are illusory and depend on the understanding of individual believers.
TERRY: Aren’t some religions more true than others?
GOD: At least you don’t see these things in absolute terms, i.e. one religion is completely right or true while all others are completely wrong or untrue.
Truth is relative. Truth is a matter of perception and context; unfortunately humans always want to make it a matter of agreement.
When you start to see the truth in others, rather than their faults, you are developing compassion for others. This is how we would have you think.

TERRY: Aren’t some religions wrong and misleading?
GOD: We know the thoughts of all beings and we can judge the appropriateness of how they think. You humans do not have this knowledge and it is wrong of you to judge what you think others might be thinking.
If you must discuss religion, confine your remarks and comments to just what you believe at that time and place. If others find your ideas helpful, then you have been useful. At the same time listen with respect to the ideas of others. If they reject your ideas continue to respect what they might think.

TERRY: Are there other gods?
GOD: There are many gods created in people’s minds. Ultimately there is just us, “WE ARE”. We don’t have rivals.
TERRY: What about the problem of evil?
GOD: Yes that is a problem.
TERRY: Well why don’t you fix it?
GOD: Evil exists in the minds of humans; we are always trying to persuade them to turn from evil and do good. As the old tale explains, humans have always wanted the knowledge of good and evil; but they never got it.
TERRY: Isn’t it unfair to make them like that?
GOD: Well they are not animals are they? If they listen to us they will find what is good.
This is why I have granted you this interview.
TERRY: Well thankyou for your precious time God, this has been an interesting interview.
GOD: Feel free to call on us anytime, we are always available for advice and explanations.

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