This is the index file for my discussions with God.
  1. The first interview (I'll talk with God.) is here.
  2. The second interview (Can this be true?) is here.
  3. The third interview discusses homosexuality click here..
  4. The fourth interview (Pray can I ask?) is here.
  5. The fifth interview (What we are) is here.
  6. The sixth interview (GOD interviews Terry) is here.
  7. The seventh interview (Remembering Katharin) is here.
  8. The eighth interview (Did I say Tripe?) is here.
  9. The ninth interview (Blessed if I Know) is here.
  10. The tenth interview (Why pray?) is here.
  11. The eleventh interview (A live God) is here.
  12. The twelfth interview (Who is alive?) is here.
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