Here is the song of Lindisfarne on Holy Island.
I wrote this tune after crossing the mudflats on the pilgrims way to Holy Island.
Here is a picture of Holy Island taken as I approached the Island.

Holy Island is about an hours drive on the coast north of Newcastle on Tyne in England. On Holy Island, near the town of Lindisfarne with its historic monastery (now in ruins), is the small Islet called Cuthbert's Isle. I found the above tune as I contemplated this old meditation site shown here.

The idea of putting the first section into 7/4 time came to me while I was at Alasdair Fraser's fiddle school held at the Gaelic College in Skye. I wouldn't claim the tune is particularly Celtic, in fact I experienced a strong Anglo-Saxon identification while I walked around Holy Island. I am happy for anyone to copy and reset the tune provided they allow me the natural right to continue playing my tune under the name of "Holy Island".

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