Loch Graney

Here is a tune I found on the shores of Lough Graney. We met a new friend, Terry Underwood, on the Ferry crossing to Ireland; he invited us to drop by and stay with him at Lough Graney, so we did. A wonderful place and a wonderful host. Terry took us out to meet some of the local musicians and somehow or another we just never made it to the Willie Clancy Music festival, which is why we came to Ireland in the first place. But then that's how things turn out in Ireland, always better than you can imagine.

Here is the scene we found, with Terry walking his dog through his fields.

This is the first time I have shown this music in public because I haven't yet won the battle to get its structure right. Clearly the tune was supposed to be a hornpipe, but it is in 4/4 time rather than 2/4, which might be expected. Perhaps, if it was presented as a hornpipe, it should be played straight through with no repeats. I usually deplore the modern habit of playing these tunes flat out, but for this tune I just can't play it slowly. To date I have never played it fast without stumbling somewhere. Perhaps someone out there can take the tune and tame it to their taste. For my part I am stuck with the form that I wrote in beautiful surrundings.

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