I think so I must decide

Once, long ago a brother and sister lived happily together in the Garden of Eden. As the earth was still new they never quarrelled or argued but lived in peaceful harmony. Their mother and father lived in the next valley and as the children were growing up, they lived apart. The young people's daily exercise was to walk over the hill and greet their parents. In their home valley they had plenty of food growing on the plants and trees and never needed any shelter because the earth was still new and gentle and wild winds and storms never blew. The plants that grew around them were nightly watered by the dews that collected and the only rain that fell gave warm cleansing showers.

One morning the brother woke up strangely alert and thoughtful. He looked for his breakfast and found a wonderful tree full of tasty and healthy nuts. But he hesitated to eat them. Strange doubts ran through his mind. Were the nuts ripe enough to eat? Were they tasty or bitter? Would he get a stomach ache if he ate too many, and how many nuts were enough for breakfast? Should leave some breakfast for his sister when she awoke? The poor boy sat there getting more and more confused, flustered and hungry. God had given them such wonderful food, up to now, was it about to end?

Suddenly his sister woke up. She sat up and said “I am hungry.” So she walked over to the nut tree and ate half the nuts that grew there so temptingly. “Hey” exclaimed her brother, “Why did you eat half those nuts?” Oh that is so you can enjoy the other half” replied his sister.

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