Arielís daughter, Laureal

Ariel was the girl who wanted to be a princess. After her adventure she had returned to Godís garden where she was perfectly happy again. In due course she married a suitable young man and they had children of their own including Laureal, their eldest daughter. Laureal was a wise young lady who had listened carefully and learned much from her mother. She had thrilled to the story of her motherís adventures outside the garden and she understood, all too well, that to be a princess and then a queen was a heavy responsibility. Nevertheless her mother had passed on all the learning that she had received from outside while she was waiting to become a princess. Laureal had learned her lessons well; this is why she was considered to be so very wise. Laureal had also been taught to meditate and listen to God. She was very patient and able at this and thus her wisdom grew daily.

Unfortunately things in Godís garden were getting slowly worse. There were occasional storms and even the odd earthquake. All the food that you could eat still grew on plants, but since the death of Sosad and his lamb, people had started to eat meat. Off course the meat came from outside the garden so the animals were still tame; but they remembered the lamb and Sosad and they kept away from strangers. More and more outsiders came into Godís wonderful garden; they came to trade meat, ice-cream and fine clothes in exchange for the lovely plant food in the garden.

With many outsiders visiting and the colder weather Ariel and her husband were getting worried. These worries made it harder to hear God and this was important for their safety and wellbeing. They had even built a meditation centre as a quiet place for listening to God. Unfortunately outsiders used to crowd into this centre because they thought it was a magic place.

After much thought and some discussion, Laurealís father decided that someone should live alone, deep inside Godís garden and away from other people and their distractions. Then if someone from Godís garden visited this person, say every week, then that person could pass on any messages or warnings that they had heard as they meditated and waited on God in the deep quietness of the inner garden. Many years later these people were called oracles, or hermits or nuns and monks.

Laurealís father acted decisively, he gathered food and clothes for several days of travel and asked Laureal to come with him. Laureal assumed that they were going deeper into the garden to talk to the hermit who was supposed to live in the middle of the garden. She never imagined that she was going to be that hermit. As in all things she obeyed her father and quietly went with him.

After nearly two days of travelling Laureal was surprised that they had not met or found anyone. That evening they rested and listened for Godís quiet voice that came to them as their minds were stilled. Laureal was surprised when God asked why she had come to live alone in the garden. She had not imagined that she was going to be the hermit. But if that is what her father wanted then she was prepared to stay. But God explained that her destiny was to move outside the garden, as her mother had done; only this time Laureal was ready to teach outsiders how to meditate and listen to God. After her motherís experience and her added knowledge Laureal was ready to be a queen among the outside people.

Laurealís father was also surprised when he heard from God. God asked him what he was trying to do. Laurealís father explained that he had brought Laureal to this quiet place so that she could hear God better. God replied that much as Laureal was loved and appreciated by God, Laureal should at least have a chance of living her own life. Instead of Laureal, God had sent a poor abused young lady for refuge in Godís garden. As Laureal and her father looked up, they saw this young lady walking towards them. Her face showed much pain but her eyes shone with hope and expectation. Each hour she spent in Godís garden made her feel happier and more relaxed. A lifetime in the garden seemed so heavenly that she hardly dared believe she could be so lucky. Better still she realised that friends would visit her regularly to find out how she was and what she knew. After her hard life outside a whole new and pleasant life stretched before her.

Laureal and the newcomer spent many happy months together. From the newcomer Laureal learned of all the latest developments happening outside the garden, this better prepared her for her future adventures outside. In turn Laureal was able to teach her replacement how to talk to and hear the quiet voice of God that was always trusty and true.

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