The Princess who looked for help.

By Laura Rose Freeman

Once there was a princess called Cinderella. She lived in a big house. One day there was a big storm and she lost everything that she had; so she had to live in a small cottage at the end of town. Each night she was very upset as she had nothing to comfort her and she needed help. At last she remembered a man who had told her about a wonderful person, called God, who lived in heaven and was always very kind and helpful. She stopped and prayed, using her inner thoughts, and asked “Please could you help me? I don’t know who you are but maybe if you could visit me tomorrow you could help me.”

The next day Cinderella woke up early and saw a poor man walking around looking for food. Cinderella felt sorry for him and invited him in so she could give him some of her food. She knew that she would go without food herself for a while but she still wanted to share with him what she had. After a good meal she was able to send the man away, warm and well-fed.

All that morning Cinderella looked for God. By noon she still had not seen him. Instead, as she was preparing her lunch she noticed another poor man, dressed in rags and looking for clothes and food. Again, Cinderella felt sorry for this man and asked him in so she could feed and clothe him. And again, she was able to send him away happy and warm.

That night, before, Cinderella went to bed, she again prayed to God and said “Lord you told me I would see you today, but I didn’t.” In her inner mind she heard the Lord reply “I came to you twice today and both times you were so kind to me. Soon you will die and will come to me in Heaven; there I will give you unimaginable riches and you will once more become my beautiful princess. You will live with me forever.”

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