Rob and Win

Once there was a farmer who had two children. The older, Rob had had married and lived in a separate house on the farm. The younger, Win was not married and still lived at home with the parents.

One Saturday morning the farmer remembered that the church leaders would be meeting at the farm the next Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately the home paddock was overgrown and looked untidy, so the farmer asked Rob to mow the paddock. Rob pointed out that there was a full dayís work to be done and there was no room to fit in time for mowing the paddock. In turn Win was asked to mow the paddock. Now Win was going to play soccer that afternoon and knew that a refusal would sound lame and lazy; so Win readily agreed to mow the paddock. But Win went back to bed to rest and then went off to play in the football semi-final that afternoon. They won the game and naturally there were several hours of celebration to follow and Win did not get back until after dark. Obviously the paddock could be mowed the next morning, perhaps before breakfast?

Rob had worked hard all day and returned home about 4 pm, it was still light and there was time to mow the paddock. So Rob did the job before going home to a warm bath and a warm meal.

The next morning Win slept in and awoke with a guilty start ĎOh the paddock!í When Win looked out of the window the grass was all cut and tidy, so Win relaxed and went back to bed.

That night the farmer reflected on the successful meeting of the church elders and how well the farm looked. In particular Win was thanked for cutting the paddock.
Question: How should Win reply?

  1. Yes it was a hard job but you can always rely on me.
  2. Yes, I always like to see the farm looking tidy, especially for visitors.
  3. Donít worry about it, what needs doing, needs doing.
  4. The job was much easier than I thought it would be.
  5. I didnít do a thing.
  6. Well I meant to do it but Rob did it before I had a chance.
  7. To be honest, Rob did it.
  8. I kept putting it off and Rob stepped in and did it for me.
Question: Does the story change if it is disclosed that Rob was a daughter called Robyn and Win was also a daughter called Winifred? Would this mean that the farmer is their mother?

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